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If you are willing to share the documents with BPA, you have the choice of emailing, faxing or using traditional mail. Please make sure your UCC (case number from this report) is clearly marked on any email or documents you send.
1.Email Option: info@getintouch.com (remember to include UCC in email)
2. Fax (domestic): 800-232-9236 (remember to include UCC on any fax) or (international) +001-612-926-4140 (remember to include UCC on any fax)
3. Mail: InTouch, 3101 Irving Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (remember to include UCC on any documents)

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Thank you for your submission to the BPA Hotline.  Please be assured that BPA takes these reports seriously.  A review of the matter will be conducted based on the information you provided and if substantiated, appropriate action will be taken.  Please continue to check back for updates to your report.  Be sure to have your report number and password when checking for updates.

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